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Short Sale Negotiations

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is a short sale? 

A real estate short sale, or quick sale, is a negotiation between a homeowner and their mortgage lender for the lender to accept less than they are owed for an outstanding loan. In exchange the house is sold to a third party and the home is not put into foreclosure. This is beneficial to the lenders because foreclosures are costly and time consuming. It is beneficial to the property owner as well, as this will enable them to sell the property, subsequently relieving a major distress situation and avoiding a foreclosure on their credit.


Should I short sale?

Are you in a situation where there is no equity left in your home, there is no way for you to make your monthly payments, and the market conditions will not allow you to sell your home for what you need? We are here for you and short-selling is definitely an option for you.


What are the advantages of a short sale?

A short sale can minimize the damaging impact to your credit and can minimize your financial exposure and liability. A foreclosure can remain on your credit for up to seven years while a short sale usually gets reported as a “settled debt” and is significantly less damaging. With a short sale, your FICO score will not be as negatively impacted as it would be with a foreclosure, and you will be able to get into a new home much sooner.


How do I qualify for a short sale?

In order to be eligible for a short sale, a homeowner must be able to prove to the lender that they are a victim to a “hardship” and are therefore unable to continue making payments on their mortgage. A hardship situation is one that is the result of some extenuating circumstance that forced the borrower into a position where they can no longer afford their mortgage payments.


Where do I start?

Email us at and we will guide you through the next steps!


If you are facing foreclosure - here are your best two options:


Option 1: Bring the loan current. The only way to do this is to pay your lender all at once and quickly. Lender will require payment on: missed mortgage payments, legal fees, interest due, penalties and any escrow payments missed.


Option 2: For those who do not have the funds to bring the loan current. You realize that staying in your home is not worth the money owed on the mortgage, but you still want to save your credit.


**A successful short sale negotiation may prevent the need for a foreclosure or bankruptcy. A short sale can satisfy a loan balance in full and have no long term adverse effects on a person’s credit file** 

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