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  •    Bob & Cheryl Herrera, PRES

 Back in June of 2007 I found myself without our assistant, and the due to an emergency without my wife and partner Cheryl, yet we obtained new listings and they needed to be dealt with, advertising, marketing, MLS input, pictures, the whole nine yards.

 The day before all of this occurred, I received a mailer from Connie Stahl offering her services, well….I figured what could it hurt?

 I called Connie and she was able to meet me in time to get all the advertising, marketing, MLS input, Open Houses Magazine, Pictures etc. etc.

 That was all great, but I figured that everyone is on there best performance the first time around and that eventually I would become a back burner issue as other clients would take precedence.

couldn’t have been more wrong!  It has been over a year now, and I have come to rely on Connie as if she worked for us exclusively. She is amazing, not once have I felt like we are just a name on a list of clients, she ALWAYS has accommodated our needs. Connie is sooo easy to get along with, no stress, no worries, no anxieties! This has allowed me to do the most important things on my mind: More time with my family, More time to focus on making more money, and more time for ME !!!


  • Karen Medved, Keller Williams Los Feliz

We really enjoy working with Connie. She is always very prompt on responses and does what she says she will do. She is always going above and beyond what she is asked. We worked with a sign installation company in the past and we always felt like we were putting them out by ordering signs to be installed. When we switched to RealEase it was a breath of fresh air! We will def be using Connie for the long run! – Miranda Damwijk, Team Medved, Keller Williams


  • Becky Richards, Windermere Real Estate              

I highly recommend Real Ease Marketing.  Connie is wonderful to work with and is very resourceful and timely.  She delivers on time and her products are top notch!  You won't be disappointed!


  • Brian & Laura Moore, Keller Williams Los Feliz

 Working with RealEase was awesome! Everything that you said that you would do, you did and you are a terrific source of information! Connie and her team are so patient and understanding with us. Their compassion is appreciated as we had never worked with virtual assistants before.  They did everything and left us without worry and time to get more listings and make more sales. 

Thank you, again!


  • Bill Toth, Windermere Real Estate
The beauty of a virtual assistant is that I can call or e-mail Connie when I need something done. I don’t have to pay someone to be in the office for eight hours to do one task when Connie and her staff can do it in less than one hour and still answer my phone and schedule appointments for me at the same time. Real Ease, you’ve got my vote!

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